Get the most from your Space

At Store-All, we aim to provide our customers with as much information as possible to help them through the storage process. Here are some useful tips when storing:

Types of boxes

  • Always try to use the strongest boxes that you can. Cardboard boxes come in all sizes and thickness, so make sure that they are double-walled for extra strength to reduce the risk of them collapsing when stacked.
  • Always try to use boxes of a uniform size to make them easier to stack with the heaviest ones at the bottom.

A tip on how to pack your boxes

  • It seems obvious, but it is essential to pack boxes as full as possible.  If there is any room left at the top of the box, we would suggest packing newspaper or towels / bed sheets to ensure sturdiness and to ensure that the box does not collapse.

Using the height of the unit

  • Make sure that you benefit from the heights of our storage units. They are 2 metres high so you can stack our large boxes three high, our medium boxes 4 high, and our small boxes 5 high. Stacking boxes any higher than this could result in them falling.

Storing furniture

  • Bear in mind that any furniture that can disassemble will save you space and money, as the floor area you require will be reduced and consequently the price will be less.
  • Also, sofas can be turned on their end and positioned vertically in the unit to create more space. Call us on 051-319319 to discuss your storage requirements.

Electrical items & white goods

  • Make sure that fridges and freezers are completely defrosted before storing and that the doors are left open to avoid the build up of mould.

Self-Storage Size estimator

Estimating the space that you require is not as easy as it looks and will depend on various things:

  • What you have to store
  • How easy the goods are to stack inside the room
  • If your items are able to be dismantled or must remain fully constructed
  • If you would like to leave some space free within the room to be able to access certain items regularly

Please contact our office to avail of our experience when trying to determine the correct size unit for you

Access to items

  • For convenience, make sure that you store any items that you may need access to during your stay at the front of the unit. This will save you having to move other boxes to get to the back of your unit.
  • Customers who access their unit regularly to add / remove items may benefit from taking a slightly larger unit and leaving a narrow walkway through the unit. This can enable easy access to goods and will avoid having to move other boxes to access any items that are needed regularly.